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;Pour point is another good indication of how pure the oil is. ; The lower the number the better! ; It proves that there is less contaminant in it that may impede the flow. ;The better the pour point, the better the protection at start up. ; ;Paraffin’s (waxes) are present in Conventional oils as well as in blended synthetics, bringing that pour point much higher which starve the top end of an engine at cold-starts. ; ;AMSOIL ; is a true 100% Synthetic Oil. ; ; AMSOIL SIGNATURE SERIES 5W-20 ; 5W-30 have a pour point of -58F. ; AMSOIL SIGNATURE SERIES 0W-20 has a pour point of -63F! ; I’ve yet to see a lower for a Passenger Car Motor Oil. ; ; When using AMSOIL, you are receiving the best protection. ; ;